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Book of Angels

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Busy is what life has become Feb. 13th, 2007 @ 03:02 am
Well it has been a while, as usual. Life has been busy but that is nothing new now is it.

We have moved into our house in PA, located in the Glen Rock area. It is a wonderful little place on a half acre. It needed some work and I have done a lot with a lot of help to get it up and running. More to do but the cold weather isn't the best time to work.

Our daughter was born in December and is beautiful. I'm very happy and she is healthy. Kristie stays home to take care of her, I handle the outside world of work.

I still go to the club when I can, its my only time out really.

I have made some new friends in PA, but they are all internet lol. Married people really don't seem to have time to hang out do they? Eh well, life.

Kristie recently got a huge tattoo on her back, its wonderful looking. I made the basic start design and Chris O. ( www.americantat2.com ) did the tattoo convert and the inking. I'm very happy with the turnout, but Kristie certainly went through 8 hours of pain. yes, I said 8 hours.

I recently beat Phantasy Star Universe. It has been keeping me busy lately, we'll have to see what I decide to play next. I'm really looking forward to Command & Conquer 3.

I wish I made more money... blah.

My car is holding up well, a lil while Ford Tracer. Comes in quite handy actually so I can't complain.

Well, I'll leave this at that for now, until next time.


Pregnancy Count Down Dec. 27th, 2006 @ 03:27 pm

Life... Twisting and Turning Oct. 23rd, 2006 @ 05:46 pm
So as with all things in life, nothing ever seems to come easy.

This past weekend was eventful.

The club was fun on saturday night. The slave auction was entertaining and many good pictures were taken. I enjoyed the evening and found it a good get away. I always enjoy attending the club. And having my wife with me is always quite a treat. Finally officially met and spoke with K. That was a rather nice moment in the night, some intelligent conversation.

Sunday wasn't so much fun and has destroyed me. I was in a car accident, a pretty severe one. My car may or may not wind up back on the road. If it does its costing me 1400 dollars to start. Kristie is ok, she was my main concern, our baby seems fine as well as the accident crumpled the car but didn't have an overly horrible effect on us. Airbags are never fun. We were on our way to my cousins sons baptism. I wasn't even on the right road so it just made it more annoying when I found that out. The appraisel came in on the house so the financing is getting under way. But now I need to figure out my car situation. For a little while it looks like I'll be swapping cars back and forth with my wife till we figure it out. Life is difficult but things happen to prepare us for tough times. We'll make it, we always do.

I'm at work right now, just thinking, and doing the usual. I don't know what I would do without Kristie. She is the world to me. I hope that I can always make her happy. This house means a lot to the both of us... so we are going with the flow. If we can make it a month and get the house complete, she can go on disability and be at home. I can use her car while searching for an additional vehicle. We are thinking of getting an Explorer as we need something that will also work well in winter. I'll be putting full coverage back on my next vehicle and have it on her policy. I'll likely keep it all registered and setup at my parents address.

Time... the evil of the world... passing by... never easy... never real.
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Korn and More Sep. 20th, 2006 @ 08:01 pm
Well of most recent events Myself, Kristie, April and Michelle attended the Family Values Tour which recently came to Nissan Pavillion. The event was a blast, 10 bands from 2pm till about 11pm. Lineup consisted of : Walls of Jericho, Bullets and Octane, Bury your Dead, Deadsy, 10 years, Dir En Grey, FlyLeaf, Stone Sour, Deftones, Korn (in that order). I took 400+ pictures. I also got another guitar pick from Korn. And this time I got something better (had to fight for it). Fieldy was throwing out shirts for his upcoming clothing line (Immanuel One Twenty Three) at the end of the show. Well not only did I get one, but I open it up and see that he signed them. Ohhhh yeah, awesomeness. So that certainly made for a great end to a great show plus great bands. I must say that Dir En Grey is crazy, love the music, but the lead singer cut himself up like crazy... really odd to watch someone make themself bleed so bad. Awesome show. Additional notes, me and april were in the pit, kristie and michelle in the lawn due to being pregnant women lol. I ran into some herefordites from high school Ash and Amy, along with Nick. And watched some drama commence. Oh the good old days.

Other news, we found a house we want. It is listed at 139, we are going to go in lower and let them counter. It needs work, (thus cheap) however nothing I'm not willing to do. And we are trying for a VA EEM mortgage, which gives you some extra money for the energy efficient fixing up of the house. It is a wild deal. The house is between Glen Rock and Seven Valleys (right back 216) so it is a wild place. We are trying to find the septic though before putting in an offer because that could be a serious issue if something is wrong with it. I'll be digging it up tomorrow if I can find it. I have to find a way to get boxes for packing... blah.

Work is going very well, I love my job, my hours, and the potential here. The people are great and so is the environment. I'll certainly be sticking around, especially with the overtime potential and such, if that holds up I won't need a part time job like I thought. And I can easily maintain a sleep/work schedule. Will put me at about 47k a year, but we'll see, all that depends on if the idea is accepted.

I'm really looking forward to the arrival of little Julia, but I am glad we have some time so hopefully we can get this house situation under way. Well, take one day at a time and see where it goes.

And finally, I just want to say that I love my wife very very much. We have been married for almost 2 months already, and my time with her has been some of the greatest time of my life. I look forward to a long and wonderful future together.

Until next time, Fare well.
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1 Month of Love Aug. 29th, 2006 @ 11:59 pm
The past month has been incredible. I have never been so in love, loved so strongly, and had this love returned equally as strong. Myself and Kristie have been married for a month now. And we are coming up on being together for 6 months on the third. I have a trick up the sleeve *grins*. Life is wonderful. We found out not long ago that we are going to have a beautiful and healthy baby girl, who we will name Julia Rose Burnap. I think it is perfect. I also have a new job with American Radiology and work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 5pm to 7am. I greatly enjoy the shift and the amount of time I get to spend away from work. This will also allow me to spend more time with my family especially when Kristie stops working when the baby is born. I'm also looking into purchasing a house and will go driving around this week to explore. I'm planning to explore Glen Rock, PA. The houses are not very expensive, and the schools are good and it would be a great starter home to really get settled till something better comes along in the future. It also keeps Kristie close to my parents house so if she needs something she isn't far, and my parents will easily be able to come see their grand-child. I still have to work out the closing costs, but I do have the mortgage plan kind of laid out. Time will tell but I am hopeful that I can get us a place that we can truly invest in. This past weekend we visited her parents in PA for a family reunion style event which was fun, and spent some time playing Mario Kart DS together. Other than that, life is splendid, and I hope to have wedding pics online very shortly. Until next time, fare well!
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Other entries
» The Wedding
On July 29th 2006 Kristie Jo Bennett and Myself were officially married. We had a wonderful ceremony and reception in my parents backyard. She looked absolutely gorgeous and the turn out was great. We'll be getting pictures back soon and I'll make sure they are all posted on my web site. I'll put a link here for that. We are very happy together. I'll fill everyone in on a little bit of history.

We started working together when I started my last job in august 2005. I was working for Thomson Prometric on their helpdesk. I made a lot of friends there and as time went on Kristie and I wound up talking. The reason we even started talking was she stole my doughnut sticks. Yes, you know those little debbie doughnut sticks you get at the grocery store? Well I was going to eat them for lunch. Now, I had always thought Kristie was a sweet and beautiful woman. Well, a few days after my sticks vanished and were returned I found out who took them. So then I wanted to chat with her and we started talking on MSN, and from there I harassed her at work a bit and we got to talking and goofing off. One night we went to Du Claws, and saw Underworld Evolution. There were a few bumps in the road early on. And having a relationship while working at the same company was a bit bumpy in the beginning too. However after a while things worked out and on March 3rd, shortly after she was moved into Hunt Club, we started dating officially and have ever since. Now some of you may think that from March 3rd to July 29th isn't a lot of time to get to know someone. Well, we worked together, lived together, and were with eachother almost 24 hours a day. Trust me, it is plenty of time. 5 months actually. So we are married, and we are also expecting our first child. The little status indicator at the top of my journal lets everyone know how far along we are. We are very happy about that. And if you do the math, yes, we conceived the child before we got married. I don't see that as a bad thing and it has caused no harm. So my wife (I love saying that) is now Kristie Jo Burnap (which is officially being changed this week lol). We also have picked out names for our child. For a boy, Joseph Cyrus Burnap, and for a girl Julia Rose Burnap. Rose is in memory of my Great Aunt Rosina Pecora, one of the greatest, strongest and most wonderful women in our family. I was so happy to get her approval of Kristie before she passed on, and it was an honor to be by her side when she left. May God always keep her in His company.

So life is going well and there are many blessings. I also am in prayer of a possible new job opportunity. I have a chance to work with a great company that is in the medical field doing hardware and possibly software support. It would be a wonderful position making right around 40k a year, and working 3 nights a week from 5pm to 7am. That would allow me plenty of time to spend with my family and with the baby when born. And if needed to even pick up a second part time job with out any complications. I'm looking into possible freelance web design and such so we'll see. I thank God for my family, for my friends, for my health and for my future. And I pray that our child is a healthy and beautiful baby who truly brings out the joy God intended in bringing a new life and soul into this world.

Oh yes, after the wedding we went to a little Bed and Breakfast at Fell's Point called Celias. That was thanks to my parents, and we greatly appreciate that. We spent the night down there and had a wonderful, romantic and quite peaceful time together. It was good to be away in that environment. Then on a whim after we got back sunday we decided we wanted one more night away, so we stayed home and packed up a bit and I made a reservation to camp on assateague island for a night. So Monday and Tuesday were spent on the beach and boardwalk. Another wonderful time together which was breatly enjoyed. So we did get to enjoy some time away, and hopefully we can take another trip next year, maybe a cruise or something, just to get a little bit more of a honeymoon, but if not, we'll have our beautiful baby and life so I am sure we'll be happy.

Outside of that, life has been wonderful. I usually go to Orpheus in baltimore on saturday nights where I spend time dancing and chatting with my friend Adam about life. And when I can hanging out with other friends. Life has been stressful, but well worth every moment. I'm loved, in love, and happy. I have a perfect wife, and a family. And am working toward a wonderful future and a stable and successful life. The sun and moon shine brightly. And all is well even in the darkest of hours.

Till next time,
» On a sad day in June
In the sad news...

On Sunday June 12 one of my Italian Cousins passed away. What makes it harder is he was only 3 years old.

The sun reads the following :

Joseph A. Pecora

Suddenly on June 12, 2005, JOSEPH ANGELO PECORA, cherished and beloved son of John Pecora and Geraldine Ann (nee Latham); dear brother of John Pasquale Pecora and Patrick Giovanni Pecora; loving grandson of Josephine Mumford and Beverly Latham and Pasquale Pecora and Debbie Pecora; dear nephew of Sergio and Katlyn Pecora. Also survived by many loving aunts, uncles and cousins. Friends may call at the family owned Ruck Towson Funeral Home, Inc., 1050 York Road (Beltway exit 26-A) on Wednesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 P.M. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated at the St. Isaac Jogues Church on Thursday, at 10:30 A.M. Entombment Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens.
Published in the Baltimore Sun on 6/14/2005.

I pray only that the Angels in Heaven watch over him and raise him. Death is the equal and balanced answer to life. It isn't easy to explain why things sometimes happen. I know that the funeral was very difficult for us all, as were the viewings. I don't know what I would do if I were to have a child and they were to pass away.
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